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Vendor Protocol

Vendor protocols establish general operating procedures for all vendor representative visits, and the receipt and delivery of products.

These procedures apply to all vendors servicing the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Vendor Receipt and Delivery to the Johns Hopkins Health System

  • All packing slips, invoices, manifests, and like documentation must have reference to the purchase order numbers.
  • All packing slips, invoices, manifests, and like documentation must include the stock number assigned when supplied on the purchase order. This applies to storeroom stocked items.
  • Multiple purchase order invoices and packing slips must be illustrated in such a way that each line item is identifiable to a specific purchase order.
  • Reference must be made on the packing slip and invoice to those items that were not filled to complete status (partial, back orders, etc.) on the purchase order processed.
  • Shipments that are drop-shipped by a vendor not indicated on the Purchase Order must have the original vendors name and System issued purchase order number on the packing slip.

Vendor Representative Visitation Protocol – Johns Hopkins Hospital

  • All vendors who wish to visit a specific individual within a unit or a department must schedule an appointment following the guidelines established in that area. 
  • Only designated entrances at each institution will permit vendor representative access with requirements for sign-in/sign-out.
    • A badge indicating "vendor representative" will be issued and returned upon completion of the vendor representatives’ appointments. Failure to secure and return the badge and utilize the sign-in/sign-out process will be cause for reprimand based on said procedure. No vendor will be permitted in patient care areas without specific written permission or accompanied by department employee. No vendor will be permitted to enter supply storage areas.

Vendor Representative Visitation Protocol – Corporate Purchasing

  • Vendor representatives must secure an appointment from the appropriate individual within Corporate Purchasing prior to a visit. Vendors entering patient care areas at any affiliate must comply and sign in through the Vendormate portal prior to entering JHHS facilities.
  • Any observed or reported violation of the Johns Hopkins Health System visitation policy will be handled in the following manner unless deemed to be a major behavior violation:
    • 1st Occurrence – A written documentation of the incident will be filed at Corporate Purchasing with copies sent to the vendor representative and his/her immediate superior. The document will state that if the incident reoccurs, the vendor representative may be barred from the institution for sales marketing activities.
    • 2nd Occurrence – A letter will be sent to the vendor representative’s immediate superior with a copy to the representative’s senior sales and marketing officer informing them that a second incident occurred violating the Johns Hopkins Health System policy and that this specific individual may be barred from JHHS facilities. Should it be decided the transgression warrants such a decision, another representative may be substituted as to continue the vendor/institutional relationship. The vendor representative’s superior will notify JHHS Corporate Purchasing staff immediately of the substitute representative.

If the two violations cycle occurs again with the same vendor, Corporate Purchasing will request the vendor to attend a meeting which will inform them that another violation will result in the vendor being removed from the approved vendor status list at the Johns Hopkins Health System for a period of ninety (90) days. Additionally, any existing contracts or bids under construction may, at the discretion of the Johns Hopkins Health System be considered null and void during this period. Depending on the severity of the violations, JHHS Purchasing may require in writing that the vendor sales representative be removed from the premises, security will be notified to monitor the representative and not allow the vendor on JHHS property; and representative’s superior will be notified of same immediately.

A contract signed by other than an officer of the respective corporations, or by the Purchasing Department, is invalid and voidable. No employees (except those above) have the authority to bind any Johns Hopkins Health System entity to a contract, purchase order or agreement, promise to pay, sale or trade-in, custodial obligation or equipment evaluation, contractual change or relief, lease or rental agreement, or purchase order modification, addition, or deletion. Any such improper obligation, even if initially honored by the Health System, is voidable at the discretion of the Health System.