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Purchase Order Required for Vendor Payment

Orders are not considered binding, nor will respective invoices be paid, without a corresponding and authorized Purchase Order and Receiving Report, Service Contract and corresponding signed Work Order or Consulting Agreement.

Corporate Purchasing is solely authorized to commit Health System funds for any purchases. This committal is accomplished by issuing a Purchase Order.

Any orders placed directly to a Vendor by a Department (Unauthorized Request issued by a Department) are not valid.

Invoices for Unapproved Orders must be presented from the Vendor to the individual responsible for placing that Order.

After-the-Fact PO’s (those PO’s generated to pay an incoming invoice for a Vendor that isn’t contracted) are not generally acceptable, but we recognize that normally acceptable. These invoices need to be associated with either a contract or an agreement that stipulates the payment terms agreed upon by the Vendor and JHHS Corporate Purchasing. All After-the-Fact PO’s generated will be monitored and the Report provided on a monthly basis to individual Hospital Leadership for their review & follow-up. The goal is to have less After-the-Fact PO’s created on a monthly basis. Vendors that have recurring PO’s will need to be contracted or will risk being blocked in our SAP system until there is resolution to their contracts for products & services and their billing practices.