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JHHS Vendor Guide

Vendor Relations

Guidelines for the Hospital’s interactions with vendors of supplies, pharmaceuticals, equipment and services – The policy governing Vendor Interaction is as follows: Interaction with Industry. These guidelines are intended to encourage disclosure and discussion and to provide guidance for decision making. Employees and medical staff must disclose to and receive prior approval from the Assistant Dean, School of Medicine; Functional Unit Administrator or Director for vendor-related activities.

JHHS is committed to ethical, integrity, and honest business dealings with our vendors, and we strive to develop mutually advantageous relationships. In conducting business with vendors, employees and medical staff are also expected to act fairly and objectively and in the best interest of the Health System. Our selection of vendors will be based on quality product, competitive pricing, quality service, the agreement and offer of friendly contract language.

Gifts and Entertainment

Employees and medical staff may not accept gifts or gratuities from suppliers. See - Interaction with Industry .

Samples of Goods and Services

Samples of goods and services may be accepted only for purposes of evaluation and must be procured in accordance with Hospital policy. Evaluation product and/or equipment MUST be presented to JHHS through a valid No-Charge purchase order and must be accompanied by a No Charge Evaluation Agreement detailing all terms and conditions of the evaluation.

Consulting and Research Activities

Please reference the following Interaction with Industry ; and the Johns Hopkins Health System Finance Policies and Procedures regarding consultants for further information.

Vendor Sponsorship

Please reference the following  Interaction with Industry .

Confidentiality of Business Matters

Official business matters such as price negotiations and contractual arrangements are considered to be confidential. Employees and staff should exercise discretion when discussing price negotiations and contractual arrangements.