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Evaluation Purchase Orders Expense Items

Evaluation may be conducted for a variety of reasons. Post evaluation commitments are not made prior to an evaluation completion/approval and Corporate Purchasing will be the sole source of information on the status of an evaluation and any post evaluation implementation with any vendor.

All expensed items being evaluated must be obtained via a no charge purchase order. No unapproved investigational items may be brought in for evaluation without the written consent of the responsible affiliate committee on investigational devices. The Johns Hopkins Health System shopping cart should be generated by the department prior to an evaluation startup. Also, the pricing on any product/equipment to be evaluated must be finalized prior to an evaluation. If pricing is not negotiated and finalized, the evaluation will not occur.

The following information must be supplied when ordering evaluation items:

  • Manufacture's product number
  • Quantity
  • Purchase unit of measure
  • Complete and accurate product description
  • List price with discount
  • If item is totally new or a substitute/replacement item
  • The manufacturer’s number and description of item it is replacing
  • The length of the evaluation including start/stop dates
  • The signature of the approval of department administrator on the requisition to acknowledge the evaluation process
  • Budget impact statement (will be potential cost savings, cost increase, or budget neutral if evaluation is successful and product is implemented)
  • Value Analysis Teams must be aware and approve all evaluations of new/replacement product