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Contract Management System

The Ecteon Contraxx Contract Management System (“CMS”) provides the following capabilities so that Supply Chain can better serve JHHS:

  1. CMS will serve as one central repository for all JHHS contracts for Supply Chain to easily provide contract and related data to JHHS;
  2. Provide contracts and data for Supply Chain to strategically source equipment, products and services; and 

  3. Provide tracking system for Supply Chain contracts being prepared for JHHS. 

CMS provides Supply Chain visibility to the contract database encompassing the operational and financial commitments throughout JHHS.

When JHHS staff wish to initiate a purchase with a new vendor or a new contract or need information relative to the contract process or CMS, requests should be initiated as follows:

  1. SMH, SHI and ACH affiliate staff will continue to contact their Supply Chain leadership within the specific affiliate. 

  2. All other affiliates will contact

All new contracts are to be processed through Supply Chain and stored in the CMS. When Supply Chain receives new contract requests, the contracts are processed as follows:

  • A Sourcing Manager will review the contract requests and conduct negotiations or a competitive bid or work with Nobilant, as warranted,  to obtain best quality product and competitive pricing. 

  • A Contract Administrator will prepare the contract in collaboration with affiliate staff, Sourcing Manager/staff, other stakeholders and JH Legal, as appropriate. 

  • Once sourcing and the contract are complete, the fully executed contract will be stored in the CMS and a copy returned to the affiliate staff and stakeholders. 

  • CMS has the capability to email notifications of expiring contracts. Contract expiration notices will be scheduled for no less than a 90-day notification.