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Conflict of Interest Policy

All employees of Johns Hopkins Health System Materials Management Division shall exercise the utmost goodfaith in all transactions touching their duties to the Health System and its property and shall be held to a strict rule of honesty and fair dealing between themselves and the Health System. They shall not use their position(s) to secure any item or benefit which would not ordinarily accrue to them in the performance of their official, professional or clerical duties. They shall not accept gifts, favors or hospitality which might influence their decision making.

All persons shall promptly report and make a full disclosure of the possible existence of a conflict of interest for themselves or any other person subject to the policy, and should any duality of interest exist, it shall not influence their decision making on behalf of the Health System.

Employees engaged in consulting or other outside employment shall avoid the use of any information and or any appearance of a conflict of interest with assigned Health System responsibilities. This policy also applies to sponsored research programs with contractual restrictions, patents, copyrights, and to any outside employment which may interfere with satisfactory job performance in their Materials Management Position(s).

I have read the above Conflict of Interest statement, understand its content, and agree to abide by the directives set forth therein. I shall promptly report any information and/or any appearance of conflict in interest to my Administrative Chief.

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