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Members of the 2009-2011 boardAuxiliary members meet to discuss upcoming activities and events.


  • Vendor sales in the hospital are held several times each year. They offer high-quality products at discount prices and are open to the public. These sales include fine jewelry, purses and luggage, linens of all kinds, books for all ages and a special $5 sale of overstock items.
  • The Montgomery County Thrift Shop in Bethesda is manned by five different nonprofit and not-for-profit community organizations. Suburban Hospital volunteers have participated since the Thrift Shop was opened in 1943. Each of the five organizations, including the Auxiliary, receives 20% of the proceeds from the Thrift Shop.
  • The Gift of Love, Honor and Remembrance during the holidays. This activity provides an opportunity for members of the community to offer thanks and to honor friends, family, colleagues, a special doctor or nurse and members of the armed forces. It allows us to share memories of those who are no longer with us and to offer prayers for hospital patients and others who are ill. For these remembrances, the Auxiliary requests a minimum donation for each person honored. These donations are designated for an area of the hospital that has a special need. A Book of Remembrances is kept of all names honored and memories/wishes expressed. All are welcome to participate regardless of religious affiliation and all will be recognized.

Other Activities

  • Mother’s Day flowers are personally hand-delivered by Auxiliary volunteers to every female patient in the hospital on Mother’s Day, whether they are a mother or not.
  • Chanukah and Christmas cards are personally hand-delivered by Auxiliary volunteers to every Jewish or Christian patient during the holidays.
  • Yarns of Warmth has more than 50 members who donate their time and supplies to knit or crochet afghans/blankets for palliative patients, adult surgical patients and others who are critically ill.  These blankets provide color, warmth and a cheerful atmosphere to patients’ rooms.
  • Knots for Shots is a project of the Community Health and Wellness department. The Yarns of Warmth knitters and crocheters make scarves, hats and baby blankets for the homeless and needy families in the community that receive a flu shot in the fall.
  • OASIS is a national adult education organization that offers classes, lectures on all imaginable topics covering history, art, music and more.  OASIS is supported by the Montgomery Westfield Mall Macy’s and Suburban Hospital.  A waiver for registration fees is given to every new Auxiliary member.