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Individual Contributions

Special thanks to all of our donors who contributed $500+ between January 2012 and June 2013.

Mrs. Rachel Abraham
Mr. David D. Addison, CTFA
Lissa Adler
Dr. Katherine Alley and Dr. Richard Flax
Ann F. Amling
Conrad and Lois Aschenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Bachman
Mrs. Suzanne Balamaci
Mr. and Mrs. Lenus D. Barnes
Lena S. Barnett, Esq.
Mr. Blaine A. Barron
Ms. Leni Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Bell
Ms. Michelle Benaim
Susan Berg
Mrs. Laura Bergfeld, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Binder
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bladen
Ms. Elizabeth Board and Mr. Bob Hines
Mrs. Ronna Borenstein-Levy
Edward and Sharon Bortnick
Mrs. Susan H. Bowis
Victoria Boyer
Mrs. Hedda R. Brock
Richard and Sandy Brusca
Mrs. Bonnie L. Bryant
Ms. Maureen Bryant
Billy Burak
Bernei Burgunder
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic G. Burke, Jr.
Mr. Nicholas R. Burke
Mr. Terence Burke
Buffy and William Cafritz
Mrs. Pauline Calevas
Mrs. Erhla Cantor
Ms. Cathy Caulk
Ms. Jennifer Chow
Mr. Jonathan Cohen
James and Marte Coleman
Diane L. Colgan, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Corcoran
Ms. Pamela A. Coughlin
Ms. Linda Victoria Courie
Mrs. Doris A. Criswell
Ms. Tamara Darvish
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Daskalakis
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Dockser
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Doherty
Ms. Ivette Dominguez
Mrs. Karen K. Donatelli
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Donoghue
Joan Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. John Eichberg
Jay M. Eisenberg, Esq.
Dr. Lara B. Eisenberg
Ms. Yvette Escudero
Mrs. Josefine Gebler Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Exelbert
C. Tutty Fairbanks
June and Robert Falb
Mr. Fred Farshey
Dr. and Mrs. Jules A. Feledy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Fern
Mr. and Mrs. David Fink
Melanie Folstad, CRPC, CSNA, CAP, CFP
Dr. Douglas L. Forman
Ms. Mary E. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Frank
Scott and Robin Frankel
Roy D. Frazier
Dr. Roger J. Friedman
Mark and Robyn Futrovsky
Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Gandal
Mr. Howard Gleckman
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Isadore Glick
Mr. Frank Gomez
Mr. Larry L. Goodman
Brian and Donna Gragnolati
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Gwaltney
Mr. Noah Hamman
The Honorable Ann S. Harrington and Mr. David Driscoll, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Vicki Hartley
Joan E. Hekimian
Laurie L. Herscher, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Horvath
Dr. Kathy Huang
Ms. Carol Ann Hurtt
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Hutman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jacobs
Dr. and Mrs. I. Sidney Jaffee
Ann G. Jakabcin, Esq.
Nizar Jetha
Stephen and Ann Jones Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Kamerow
Sarah B. Kandel
The Honorable Mary Kane and Mr. John Kane
Timothy and May Kao
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Karp
Mr. Steven T. Karr
Myrna Kasser
Mrs. Barbara Kay
Ms. Kimberley Kelly
Vijay and Anila Khetarpal
Mrs. Sally B. Kirchiro
Mrs. Coleen Klasmeier
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Koehn
Joel and Gloria Koenig
Mr. David Kohn
Ms. Christina Kra
John Hunter Krisko, III and Margaret Patricia Krisko
Mr. Brent Kvech
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah D. Lambert
Les and Ronnie Lapinsky Sax
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin C. LaRoche
Mrs. Louise E. Lees
Mrs. Gertrude W. Lerch
Joseph Linstrom
Ms. Elizabeth M. Litwin
Ms. Lena Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lowenberg
Ms. Ann Hutchison Lung
Aris and Marianne Mardirossian
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Margulies, CPA
HMJS Marks Fund of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Marriott, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Mathers
Ms. Rosemary Malone McCann
The McCutchen Foundation
Jack and Alice McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. John M. McMahon
Ms. Lesley McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. M. Barry Meyer
Elaine and David Milestone Family Charitable Foundation
Ms. Sarah Milhaupt
Mildred Bland Miller
Nancy J. Miller
Ms. Zareen Taj Mirza
Mr. and Mrs. David Mitchell
Mr. and Ms. Jason Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mopsik
Dr. and Mrs. N. James Myerberg
Ms. Carole Nannes
Thomas and Karen Natelli
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nicklas
Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Oberman
Belle and Morgan O'Brien
Cathy and Earle O'Donnell
Mr. John C. Otsuki and Ms. Loretta Yenson
Ramiro & Loretta Paez
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Panagos
Dennis and Kathy Parnell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A Parolski
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Paul
Mr. Dean M. Pawley
Mr. Stanley Pearlman
Ms. Jean Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Phillips S. Peter
Alan and Suzanne Peyser
Mr. and Mrs. Lance R. Pohl
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Polk
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Portnoy
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Postal
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Postal
Sachin and Sikta Pradhan Foundation
Ms. Lily Qi
Debby Rales
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Reese, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford N. Richman
Mrs. Jenna Ries
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Rinaldi
Mrs. Karen Rindner
Ms. Royal Rodgers
Gary M. Roggin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Barry K. Rogstad
Mrs. Mary Rolandi
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Romeo
Ronald Rosenberg, DDS
Barbara & Douglas Rosing
Ms. Roberta Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Rothenberg
Drs. Robert and Pamela Rothstein
Carolyn and David Ruben
Mr. Fadi Saadeh
Ms. Ruth G. Saidman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Salzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salzberg
Ms. Antonina Sambuco
Terry M. Sanderson
Monique Sanfuentes
Mrs. Kathy Sault
Mrs. Carol B. Sawyer
Mr. Richard C. Schachter
Sandy and Lewis Schneider
Ms. Devera G. Schoenberg
Ms. Marie L. Schram
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Schulman
Jacky Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schwartzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Sears
Ms. Sally Seiler
Ms. Barbara Shaw and Mr. Milton Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Alan R. Sheff
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Siegel
Michael P. Siegenthaler, MD
Donald Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Silvers
Quentin Simeone
Eric and Sharon Sivertsen
Amanter Philanthropy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Snider
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Stanley H. Snow
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Snyder
Howard and Leslie Stein
Carol Stephens
Mr. M. Alexander Stiffman and Ms. Karen Rosenthal
Dr. John T. and Dr. Susan F. Stinson
Drs. Tom and Pat Stocker
Mr. and Mrs. William Strang
Philip L. Strauss, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan V. Sullivan Jr.
Ms. Christine Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sussman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Tabach
Dr. Bahman Teimourian
Ms. Stephanie Tenent
Mr. Christopher Timbers
The Robert E. and Anne P. Torray Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tredwell
Ms. Stephanie Tsacomis
Dr. Stephen R. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vedder
Mr. and Mrs. John Veihmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Walker
Haas Hart Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ward
Leslie and Michael Weber
Hans and Sabrina Weger
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Weinberg, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Weintraub
Steven and Tal Widdes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen Wiebe
Michael and Sheryl Wilbon
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Williams
Pamela A. Wright, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Wyderko
James Yan, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Zell
Ms. Judith H. Zickler
Hamilton Street Family Foundation

We have tried to ensure the accuracy of the list of donors. If we have misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and contact the Foundation office via email or 301-896-3971.