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Heritage Society

Individuals who choose to include Suburban Hospital in their estate plans demonstrate a commitment to the hospital's mission and to the future health of the community. To learn more about planned giving, please click here.


Rietta G. Albritton*
Irwin Altman*
Irma H. Armiger*
Stephanie A. Aronson-Hightman
Lena S. Barnett
Anne Bord*
Louis C. Bosetti*
Mrs. Susan H. Bowis
Jerome W. Breslow
Helene and Murray Brill
Xavier* and Hedda Brock
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bugg, Sr.
Rosalie J. Burns*
Therese L. Butler*
Mrs. Marion Caldwell
Carol I. Cavanaugh
Diane L. Colgan, MD
James J. Cromwell*
William D. Crooks, III*
Mr. and Mrs. Lorimer A. Davidson*
Paul J. DeMarco
Arthur R. Dornheim*
Evelyn A. Driver*
Beverly S. Droege
Sisir and Minati Dutta
Lara B. Eisenberg, MD
Anna and David Feingold*
Barbara K. Feldman*
Donald J. Fenlason
Joan and Michael Finnerty
Dorie Frid*
Stacey and Daniel Goldsamt
Louis Goldstein*
Robert E. and Shirley H. Gradle
Brian A. and Donna K. Gragnolati
Carol W. Grant
Mary R. Hartwell*
Arlene Liverett Hawksford
Elizabeth Hollister Hayden
Evans V. Hayward
Norris * and Joan E. Hekimian
Marie L. Hesselbach, PhD*
Joel S. Hirschhorn and Jacqueline M. Rams
Margaret M. Hollis*
Kay G. Holloway*
Sadie F. Hughes*
Leonard G. Humphrey, Jr.*
John R. and Mary Haddad Ihrie
Emily Ireland*
Frances Jansen
Stephen N. Jones, MD*
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Kamerow
John Hunter Krisko, III and Margaret Patricia Krisko
Harriet F. Laitman
Milton A. Laitman*
Arnell Land*
W. Everett Land*
Louise P. Leadbetter*
Barbara Ann Libbey
Theodore W. Libbey
Mildred and James H. Lockhart*
Margherite Malinoff*
Dr. and Mrs. Francis C. Mayle, Jr.*
Margaret K. McHugh*
Philip E. Melberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Miller
Judith C. Miller*
H. Miller
Isabel D. Miller*
Jesse I. Miller, Jr.*
Nancy J. Miller
Robert C. and Anita F. Mitchell*
Don and Sandra Mobley
Frederick and Willard Meyers*
Mr. Louis M. Numkin
Cathy and Earle O'Donnell
Shira E. Oler
Lindsay P. Orkand*
Mr. Grant B. Ottenstein
Thomas W. Perry, Jr.*
Betty R. Phillips*
Pressly Craig Phillips*
James W. Pistole*
Alice James Pope*
Charles B. Postal
Elizabeth S. Powell*
Winifred Proudman*
Barbara G. Richardson
Lisa Rosato
Marilyn H. Rose
Izak Rosenblatt*
Mark and Sandy Rothman
Sylvia Rothstein*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Saltsman
Ruth B. Small*
Phyllis C. and Robert W. Snider
Frances B. Spruce*
Charles F. Stuart*
Estate of Helen Stuart*
Evelyn S. Sturza
Helen D. Thompson*
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wallace
Sabrina and Hans Weger
Shulamith and Donald Weisman
Oscar and Mary Weitzberg*
David A. Wexler
Elaine A. White*
Steven and Tal Widdes
Desmond Williams
Dorothy S. Zimowski*
Bernard and Irene Zweigenhaft*

We have tried to ensure the accuracy of the list of donors. If we have misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and contact the Foundation office via email or 301-896-3971.