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Visiting Hours & Policies

A resting male patient in bed with a significant other at his side.

Suburban Hospital supports patient- and family-centered care and recognizes that family members and loved ones are an important part of the care team and essential to patients’ health and well-being.

The patient will designate someone to be a “partner in care.” This person, who is chosen based on biological, legal or emotional relationships, is welcome 24 hours a day according to the patient’s wishes. NOTE: Whether in a private room or a shared room, the health care team, which always includes the patient and family member/partner in care, will work together to determine the number of people welcomed at the bedside at any one time to promote a safe and quiet environment for healing.

Visitors are guests of the patient or family and in some cases, may be relatives. Visitors are encouraged to visit during the hospital visiting hours of 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Suburban Hospital does not discriminate against visitors based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, handicap, religion, national origin or similar factors.

Families are encouraged to identify one family member or other partner in care to communicate with extended family and hospital staff.

Some Things to Remember When at the Hospital

  • Always wash your hands or use the hand gel dispensers when entering the hospital and patient rooms. Hand washing is the best protection against spreading diseases. All partners in care and guests of a patient must be free of communicable diseases, including colds and flu, and must respect the hospital’s infection control policies.
  • Food, drink, plants and flowers may be restricted in some areas or for some patients. Please check with health care providers before you bring any on the units.
  • Children supervised by an adult are welcome to visit and are not restricted by age. Please prepare your child for the hospital visit. For everyone’s safety, children need to remain with the adult who is supervising them. This will ensure a safe and restful environment for the patients and a positive experience for children.

Suburban Hospital Is a Smoke-Free Campus

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the hospital in order to promote health, control the practice of smoking where it presents a health or fire hazard to patients, employees or the general public, and to comply with Maryland State law. Tobacco use is not permitted inside Suburban Hospital buildings, on our parking lots or anywhere on or around the facility grounds.

Since we opened our doors more than 70 years ago, Suburban Hospital has been dedicated to improving the health of those we serve and creating a supportive workplace where our staff can be successful. Going tobacco-free is another way we live out these goals and promote a healthy environment for all of our patients, visitors, volunteers, physicians, contract staff and employees.