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Suburban Outpatient Surgery Center

The Suburban Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center is located on the second floor of the Johns Hopkins Health Care and Surgery Center on Rockledge Drive in Bethesda, Md. Our goal is to make your surgical experience pleasant and to ensure a smooth process for your visit.

To help you and your family prepare for the procedure, please review the following important information.

Suburban Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center
6420 Rockledge Drive
Suite 2100
Bethesda, MD 20817
Phone: 301-896-6700
Fax: 301-896-6850

Hours: The building opens at 6:30 a.m.
Parking: Parking is available in the parking garage. There is a charge for parking.

Get directions to the Outpatient Surgery Center.

Before Your Surgery

Within a week of your surgery, a registered nurse from the Surgery Center will call you to obtain a medical history and give instructions specific to your surgery. For this phone interview, please have information available concerning your medical history and any medications you take. At that time, we will advise you about what you can expect and what to bring on the day of surgery. You will also receive financial information about your insurance coverage for the procedure, your co-payment and other required payments.

Your doctor will inform you of the required presurgical testing necessary for your procedure. If you are over 50 years of age, or if you have certain medical conditions, you will need to have an EKG done before the day of surgery. Please ask to have the results faxed to the Surgery Center at 301-896-6850. You will also need a history and physical completed prior to the day of surgery. In some situations, your doctor may require that you have blood tests completed.

On the Day of Surgery

Upon arrival at the Surgery Center, we will go through a brief check-in process and you will be accompanied to the pre-operative area by a registered nurse. Your family member or guest may wait with you in this area after the admission process. Your anesthesiologist will meet with you in the pre-op area to discuss your anesthesia. Your surgeon may also see you in this area before your surgery. Your operating room nurse will then greet you and walk you into the operating room. If your driver is unable to wait the entire time, we can make arrangements to contact that person with a time to pick you up.

On the day of surgery, please remember:

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Do not bring jewelry or other valuables.
  • Bring your insurance card, a photo ID and your co-payment.
  • Bring any pertinent medical information.
  • Take all cardiac, asthmatic and/or diabetic medications as ordered by your doctor with a small sip of water on the day of surgery.
  • Arrive one hour prior to your scheduled surgery time.
  • Plan to have a responsible adult accompany you home.

After Your Surgery

After your surgery, your family member or guest can join you in the second-stage recovery area while you are receiving your postoperative instructions. If your doctor gives you a prescription for medication to take after surgery, there is a pharmacy located in the lobby of our building for your convenience. A staff member will accompany you and your family member to your car after discharge. A responsible adult must accompany you home after surgery, as you will not be able to take a taxi or drive yourself home after having anesthesia.

At Home

When you leave the Surgery Center, you will be ready to complete your recovery at home. Please be sure that someone will be staying with you to care for you immediately after your surgery. A nurse from the Surgery Center will call you the next business day after your surgery to see if you have any questions. Should you have any problems the evening or night of surgery, please be sure to call your doctor’s office or answering service.

Billing Information

To ensure proper billing and prompt payment, please submit complete insurance information for all insurance plans including Medicare. If this information is not given at the time of service, the bill will be the responsibility of the patient/guarantor.

Charges not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the patient/guarantor or his/her representative. A co-payment is required upon admission. All plastic/cosmetic procedure charges are due at the time of admission. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, a money order or cash.

The Suburban Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center will bill directly to your health insurance carrier. You will receive a notice that your claim has been billed, along with a copy of your summary charges.

Billing for Other Professional Services

In addition to your Surgery Center bill, you will also receive separate bills for services provided by physicians and other health care professionals. These may include:

  • Your physician's office
  • First Colony Anesthesia Associates (240-364-2462)
  • GCM-Suburban Imaging (radiology, 301-897-5656)
  • Pathology/Lab Associates (240-566-1600)
  • Other laboratories as indicated by your health plan


The Suburban Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center is easily accessible from I-270. Use exits for Democracy Boulevard East, Rockledge Drive or Old Georgetown Road.

  • From Democracy Boulevard, turn left on Rockledge Drive.
  • From Old Georgetown Road, turn right onto Democracy Boulevard and then right onto Rockledge Drive. The medical campus will be on your left.
  • From I-495W, take Exit 36 (Old Georgetown Road), and bear right. Then turn left onto Democracy Boulevard and right onto Rockledge Drive.
  • From Bethesda and Northwest DC, follow Old Georgetown Road to a left onto Democracy Boulevard and then turn right onto Rockledge Drive. The medical campus will be on your left.

Suburban Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center
6420 Rockledge Drive
Suite 2100
Bethesda, MD 20817.

Directions to Suburban Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center.