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Manage Your Stay

Hospitalists help patients manage their stay

The following are answers to frequently asked questions we receive from patients about our hospitalist program. Should you have additional questions about hospitalists at Suburban Hospital, please contact us at 301-896-3043.

  • What information should I bring to the hospital?
    1. List of your primary care (personal) physician and specialists. During your hospitalization, it is helpful at times to communicate and coordinate your care plan with your primary care physicians or specialists. Having this information will make sure that we are speaking to the right physicians.
    2. List of your medical and surgical history. Knowing your medical history allows us to tailor your medical care based on your unique history. Include date (year) and condition or type of surgery or treatment, if you know it.
    3. List of your medications, dosage and frequency. Knowing your medications will allow us to be sure that we do not prescribe any medications that might interact with those you are already taking. Also, at the time you are discharged, we can tell you which medications you should or should not be taking when you go home. Your primary care physician or specialist will also review your medications at your first follow-up appointment after discharge.
    4. The name and phone number of your health care partner. When you are in the hospital it can be difficult to remember all the information that your care team is giving you. If you have someone — family, friend or neighbor — who is your partner, please let us know, and we can discuss your care plans with that person.
  • When will I see a hospitalist?

    You will first meet a hospitalist when you are admitted to the hospital. After your admission, your hospitalist will generally see you in the morning. If another patient is experiencing an emergency, we may need to delay your visit, but will see you as soon as the critically ill patient has received our care.

    On a routine basis, your hospitalist will see you once a day. If you have an emergency or special needs, our team is available to visit you more than once a day.

  • What are the hospitalists' schedules?
    We are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the week. After 5 p.m., we have a hospitalist assigned to help with admissions and take care of any emergencies that arise.
  • Will I be seen by more than one hospitalist?

    Depending on how long you are in the hospital, more than one hospitalist in our group may see you. We always review your records with partners at the end of our weekly rotation.

  • How can I or my care partner contact my hospitalist?

    The Communication Board in your room is a great way for your care partner to leave us a message. Please ask a nurse for assistance. In addition, you can leave a message with your nurse who will pass it on to your hospitalist.

  • Will my primary care physician or my specialist see me while I am in the hospital?

    If a hospitalist is caring for a patient in the hospital, your primary care physician or specialist will not likely visit you during your hospital stay. The hospitalist team, however, is always available to discuss your care with your physicians.

    Because we care for your needs in the hospital, your other physicians can be with their patients in the office with fewer interruptions and delays. Our hospitalists can devote full attention to our patients, while your primary care physician and specialists can spend more time keeping you and their other patients healthy.

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