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Crisis Intervention

The Crisis Intervention Service (CIS) at Suburban Hospital began in November 1994 to provide specialized mental health assessments in the Emergency Department. Today, the Crisis Intervention Service has expanded to offer both psychiatric and addiction (i.e., alcohol and drug abuse) assessments in an emergency department, as well as liaison services for medical patients.

The CIS Team is comprised of licensed clinical social workers and licensed professional counselors in collaboration with a panel of psychiatrists who are committed to quality and cost-effective focused treatment. All patients are first screened and cleared medically by the Emergency Department staff before an assessment by the CIS. Patients may also be referred by themselves, family members, managed care company, healthcare professional, or via a medical consultation request.

The CIS team acts as consultants to physicians by providing crisis intervention and psychiatric/addiction assessments. The goal is to place patients in the least restrictive treatment setting, to offer stabilization and then a carefully designed appropriate treatment plan and referral. The CIS team also collaborates closely with outpatient providers and case managers. Since its inception, the CIS has improved:

  • Placement of patients at the appropriate level of care
  • Patient care due to increased response time
  • Collaboration with outpatient treatment providers
  • Access for patients to county resources

Our CIS staff coordinates with the referring agency/person to ensure continuity of care. During business hours, the CIS staff can be reached at 301-896-7696. For help or assistance after hours and on weekends, you may call the Emergency Department office at 301-896-7315 and ask for a crisis team member.

For information on suicide prevention, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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