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Health and Safety

All courses are designed according to current American Heart Association guidelines. 

Basic First Aid and CPR  
Receive instruction for adult CPR and treatment of bleeding, burns, broken bones and more. For lay people who require CPR credential documentation.  

Community CPR
Learn to respond effectively in emergencies. Appropriate for young adults, nannies, au-pairs, lifeguards and preschool teachers. Class includes infant, child and adult CPR. CPR certification provided. Feel free to bring a light snack. 

CPR for Friends and Family
Receive instruction for adult, child and infant CPR and choking rescue. AED will also be discussed. Designed for members of the general public who want to learn how to save a life! Non-credentialed course.   

Heartsaver AED and Adult CPR 
Learn the latest AED training and lifesaving techniques. This course is designed for laypeople who require CPR credential documentation. 

Safe Sitter
Safe Sitter® is a national, non-profit organization that provides programs to teach youth aged 11-13 life and safety skills for when they are home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting. Safe Sitter graduates are prepared with the knowledge they need to prevent problems and handle unexpected emergencies. Suburban Hospital has been a registered Safe Sitter teaching site for more than 20 years. Register your child to be a Safe Sitter today.

Designed for students in grades 4-6 with important safety training that will help them be prepared to stay home alone. Students will learn how to practice safe habits, handle common household emergencies, and who should treat illnesses and emergencies.  Completing the program does not mean that a student is ready to stay home alone.  Only the student’s parents can make that decision, based on the age, maturity, skills, and experience and confidence level of their child.  Register your child to stay Safe@Home today.

Survival Guide for First Time Grandparents 
Receive instruction on infant and child CPR and choking rescue for first-time grandparents. Refreshers on life skills such as diapering, swaddling, feeding and soothing a crying baby will also be included. Non-credentialed course.   

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