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Nursing Residency Program

Class at the Suburban Hospital nursing residency program

If all it took to be a great nurse was good grades, becoming a nurse would be a much easier process. But learning how to be successful requires a different kind of training in the real-life environment of patient care – applying the knowledge from courses, but also learning all the things that can’t be taught in school. And while nurses are increasingly taking more responsibility and playing a more central role in modern healthcare, this importance brings more pressure.

That’s why Suburban Hospital provides a one year nurse residency program for new nurses to aid your transition from student to nursing professional, build practical skills, and help overcome the stress of starting in a new career path.

Learning at Suburban doesn’t involve a lot of textbooks and pop quizzes. Instead, you’ll work with experienced nurse experts who will give you the skills to communicate effectively with your team, gain the experience needed to provide for patient safety, plan the next steps of your professional career, and develop as a leader.

As a final project, you’ll work on an evidence-based project based on your experiences and interests which can drive improvements at Suburban. Topics currently being researched include the efficacy of nutritional consults on the outcomes of dialysis-dependent patients and the effects regional blockades on post-operative pain levels in joint replacement patients.

Research shows that these types of first year programs can increase job satisfaction, confidence and feelings of autonomy for new graduates while building ties with peers and experienced staff. The results speak for themselves: while almost 27% of new nurses leave their positions in the first year, the average turnover for organizations with residency programs is 5.4%.

Suburban Hospital is a great place to start your career, and we’re glad to give you the support needed to help make the transition. Your Human Resources representative can tell you more about the residency program during the application process.