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Nursing Leadership

LeighAnn Sidone

Message from LeighAnn Sidone, MSN, RN, OCN, CENP, Interim President

Suburban’s nursing team is tirelessly dedicated to excellence, from the patient bedside to training and educational pursuits and out into our community.

One thing I’m truly proud of is the engagement of our clinical nurses in efforts to improve safety and care across the hospital and beyond. Nurses have always been our organization’s pulse. Today, they’re also driving the adoption of evidence-based best practices across Suburban Hospital. Our nurses are embracing the new world of patient safety and quality data. I see clinical nurses at the bedside finding small ways to improve their daily practice, measuring the outcomes of those efforts, and reporting their successes (and opportunities to improve) in transparent ways to share what works and what doesn’t with colleagues in every specialty.

In my nearly 25 years at Suburban Hospital, I’m continually impressed by the collegiality and collaboration that goes on within our walls. Building partnerships to advocate for change is challenging, but our nurses and their amazing colleagues embrace that challenge with one goal in mind: providing the best care environment for every person who comes to our hospital.

I am proud to be a member of Suburban’s nursing team.

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