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Treatment Programs

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Acute Psychiatric Unit

The Acute Psychiatric Unit offers inpatients detoxification, assessment and transition services to individuals suffering from comorbid substance abuse and psychiatric illnesses.

Admissions Coordinator: (410) 550-0069 MORE

Admission Criteria  |  Primary Psychiatric diagnosis, Dual diagnosis,  Adults, Voluntary    

Multidisciplinary Care Team  |  Attending and resident psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, case manager, and occupational therapists

Treatment Services  |  Inpatient; detox, psychiatric evaluation and management , addictions therapies, discharge planning

Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) is an award winning, comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment center, specializing in the treatment of opioid dependent patients. ATS uses a structured ‘adaptive stepped-care’ approach to determine the intensity of services needed for each patient at each stage of their recovery. The program offers individual and group counseling as well as methadone maintenance.

Admissions: (410) 550-0051  |   MORE

Multidisciplinary Care Team  |  Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, CRNPs and PAs, RNs, Counselors and Therapists

Treatment Services  |  Outpatient; opioid agonist maintenance, group and individual counseling, urine drug testing, HIV testing and counseling, case management

Addictions in Adolescence (CODA)

The CODA Clinic provides evidence-based outpatient substance abuse and mental health services to youth and young adults between the ages of 14 and 22.

Admissions: (410)-550-0177  |  MORE 

Multidisciplinary Care Team  |  Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, CRNPs and PAs, RNs, Counselors and Therapists

Treatment Services  |  Outpatient; clinical assessment, individual and group psychotherapy, urinalysis testing, medication management

Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit

The BPRU is an internationally recognized Center of Excellence in research on all aspects of drug abuse (outpatient studies). 

For more information (410) 550-0007  |  MORE

Research Opportunities  |  Various behavioral and pharmacological research protocols; Residential and non-residential research.

Center for Addiction and Pregnancy 

The Center for Addiction and Pregnancy is an outpatient program with an available overnight housing unit offering an innovative approach to the treatment of addicted pregnant women and their children. 

Admissions: (410) 550-3066  |  MORE

Treatment Services  |  outpatient substance abuse IOP; methdone maintenance, group and individual counseling, urine drug testing, psychiatric evaluation and care, obstetric evaluation and care, pediatric care, housing services, family planning

Center for Learning and Health

The Center for Learning and Health (CLH) is an outpatient treatment and research unit. CLH has been developing and evaluating an employment-based intervention called the therapeutic workplace. The therapeutic workplace is a motivational intervention that uses access to employment and wages to reinforce therapeutic behavior change. Like typical employment, individuals in the therapeutic workplace are hired and paid to work over extended periods of time. To promote therapeutic behavior change, employment-based reinforcement contingencies are arranged by which workplace participants are required to maintain target behaviors, such as drug-free urine samples, to gain and maintain access to the workplace and/or to maximize earnings. 

For More Information Call: (410) 550-7713  | MORE

Admission Criteria and Treatment Services |  Admission criteria and services provided will vary with each research protocol.

Chemical Dependence Unit (Inpatient)

The CDU specializes in inpatient medical detox of adult patients addicted to alcohol or drugs. The unit has an experienced team of professionals dedicated to the treatment of addictions.

Intake Office: (410) 550-1910 MORE

Admission Criteria |  18+ years old

Treatment Services  |  Inpatient; detox, discharge planning, group counseling

Mental Illness and Substance Abuse (MISA)

The Mental Illness and Substance Abuse (MISA) is a drug-free, abstinence based outpatient program that provides services to persons who have both mental health and substance abuse problems.

Admissions: (410)-550-0104  |  MORE

Multidisciplinary Care Team  |  Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, CRNPs and PAs, RNs, Counselors and Therapists

Treatment Services  |  Outpatient; individual and group psychotherapy, urinalysis testing, case management, medication management

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Broadway Center for Addiction

The Broadway Center for Addiction offers comprehensive outpatient treatment services for persons with acute or chronic substance use disorders. The program has a holistic approach to care delivery, addressing medical, psychiatric, social service and family needs through on-site, integrated program services.

For an Assessment Appointment Call: (410) 955-5578  |  MORE

Treatment Services  |  Outpatient; opioid detox, psychiatric and medical services on-site, OP/IOP treatment, residential Services, some meals provided on-site, case management, individual and group counseling (some gender specific groups for women), NA/AA meetings on-site, substance abuse education, sobriety planning and relapse prevention, testing for alcohol and other drug use, HIV education and risk reduction counseling

Intensive Treatment Unit

The ITU is an 6-bed inpatient unit which specializes in rapid (2-4 day) detoxification, psychiatric stabilization, and substance abuse rehabilitation of patients with addiction/dependence complicating other mental health problems.

Outreach Nurse: (410) 502-5611 • Admissions Office: (410) 955-5104 | MORE

Admission Criteria  |  Adult patients, dual diagnosis, no acute medical problems, no drug or alcohol use 8-12 hours before admission, willing and able to actively participate in treatment and recovery

Treatment Services  |  inpatient; detox, psychiatric stabilization, discharge and long term treatment planning, group counseling: dual-diagnosis, relaxation, coping skills, and relapse prevention; 12 step meetings

Moore Clinic - Buprenorphine Treatment  Program 

Maintenance buprenorphine outpatient treatment is offered as part of the Substance Abuse Treatment Clinic at Moore, allowing patients to access substance abuse treatment and counseling while continuing to receive comprehensive HIV and primary care in the Moore Clinic. 

For Appointments Call: (410) 955-1725  | MORE

Admissions Process  |  A referring provider must complete a referral and the patient services coordinator will schedule the appointment. In addition, a drug urine screening test must be obtained before referring patients for buprenorphine treatment.

Multidisciplinary Care Team  |  Psychiatrists, HIV providers, Social worker, Counselors and Therapists

Treatment Services  |   outpatient; suboxone maintenance, group and individual counseling, urinalysis testing   

Motivated Behaviors Unit

The MBU is an 8-bed unit which specializes in the treatment of dual diagnosis adult patients. The unit’s treatment  program provides alcohol/drug detoxification and substance abuse treatment concurrent with individualized psychiatric care.

Admissions Office #: (410) 550-1686  |  MORE

Multidisciplinary Care Team  |  Psychiatrists, social workers, occupational therapists, substance abuse counselors and nurses

Treatment Services  |   Inpatient; detox, psychiatric stabilization, discharge and long term treatment planning, group counseling: dual-diagnosis, relaxation, coping skills, and relapse prevention; 12 step meetings

Suburban Hospital

Addiction Treatment Center

The Addiction Treatment Center (ATC), serving the greater Washington DC Metropolitan area, offers a broad range of outpatient addiction services for adolescents and adults: Evaluation Services;  Dual Diagnosis, Intensive Outpatient, Structured Outpatient, and At-Risk Programs.

Admissions & General Inquiries: (301) 896-2036

Multidisciplinary Care Team  |  Board Certified Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Alcohol/Drug Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselors, Certified Addictions Counselors

Treatment Services  |  Outpatient; evaluation services, dual diagnosis treatment, intensive outpatient , structured outpatient,  At-risk (for adolescents only)