JHM Strategic Priorities

patient- and family-centered care - Be the National Leader in the Safety, Science, Teaching and Provision of Patient- and Family-Centered Care.

patient- and family-centered care


  1. 1Promote a culture that embraces, expects, and rewards the delivery of patient- and family-centered care.
  2. 2Partner with patients, families and others to eliminate preventable harm and optimize patient outcomes and experience while reducing health care costs.
  3. 3Engage patients and families in shared organizational and clinical decision-making.

Strategic Priority Resources

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Accountable leaders: Deb Baker, senior vice president for nursing for JHHS; Bill Baumgartner, vice dean for clinical affairs, SOM; Steve Snelgrove, president, Howard County General Hospital; and Peter Pronovost, JHM senior vice president for patient safety and quality

No Room for Error

In the 15 years since two patient tragedies revealed a “moral moment”, Johns Hopkins Medicine has pioneered a culture of accountability and patient safety advances. Read a special report on patient safety.