JHM Strategic Priorities

biomedical discovery - Becoming the exemplar for biomedical research by advancing and integrating discovery, innovation, translation and dissemination. 

biomedical discovery


  1. 1Create a new research ecosystem that uses resources across JHM to accelerate collaboration, innovation, quality and impact of all research from curiosity-driven basic discovery to implementation sciences.
  2. 2Become a leading institution for data-intensive science, developing new models, methodologies and resources for collection, management and analysis of large scientific, clinical and administrative datasets.
  3. 3Create a transformative JHM fund dedicated to “Advancing the Frontiers of Discovery,” to be used exclusively in support of the research mission.
  4. 4Establish a model to support and sustain research faculty across their entire careers and in a rapidly changing funding environment. 

Strategic Priority Resources

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Accountable leaders: Dan Ford, vice dean for clinical investigation, and Antony Rosen, vice dean for research, SOM

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Promise in Progress

Learn about how the innovations and advancements that shaped the year are delivering on the promise of medicine in the 2015 Year in Review.