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Dr. Yuh Video

Dr. Yuh's Ground-Breaking Surgery

Omayma Ahmad checked into the Emergency Department at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in September 2003 knowing that something was terribly wrong. Pregnant, she thought she was having a repeat episode of the  gasping and piercing angina she had experienced in September 2001, two weeks after arriving in the US from the Sudan...on September 11, 2001. At 35, Ahmad had undergone aortic valve repair and discovered she had a congenital heart problem. The physicians that reviewed her case suggested that the best approach was to end the pregnancy before performing the surgery, since she would have to be placed on full cardio-pulmonary bypass, stopping her heart...and the blood flow to the fetus. Without that first step, Ms. Ahmad risked not just the life of the fetus, but her own life, if the fetus spontaneously aborted.

Watch the news video clip now.