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Safety & Ethics

How do we deal with the ethical and safety issues around human stem cell research and therapy?

The issues are complex, the stakes are high.

The science of stem cells is moving fast – faster, it may seem, than society's ability to grapple with many issues of safety and ethics.  New NIH guidelines, effective July 7, 2009, respond to an executive order issued in March by President Barack Obama who lifted restrictions imposed by President George W. Bush on 9 August 2001.

At Johns Hopkins, as at many institutions conducting stem cell research, ethical issues are evaluated in the context of a rapidly changing scientific, political, and legal landscape, and oversight is conducted by a multidisciplinary committee designed to complement the work of other oversight mechanisms. 

In this section, you can learn about The Promise of Stem Cell Research, meet experts charged with the ambitious task of wrestling complex issues of ethics and safety to the ground in a video, and read expert opinion on Are Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Safe Yet. They’re managing to tame this beast by considering not only the moral, justice and safety issues of stem cell research, but also how applicable our science is to you, and you, and you . . .