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No One Dies Alone

What We Do

No One Dies Alone (NODA) is a program that offers companionship and support to patients who are nearing death. NODA provides compassionate presence to individuals who have no family or close friends to sit with them at the end of life. At Johns Hopkins, many unaccompanied deaths occur each year in the hospital. Through this program, we can  provide a compassionate presence for patients.

Before You Arrive

  • Check your patient's page to make sure they are still available for your vigil. Call the unit also.
  • Read through other volunteer comments and consider the time that those comments were posted. These can be helpful so you can have a better idea of what to expect for your vigil.

Arriving at the Conference Room

  • The Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy Conference room, located in the overflow area of the main hospital cafeteria, is where you will find items you may want for your vigil.
  • In the cabinet labeled "NODA" you will find flameless candles and sacred texts. Journals in which we encourage you to chronicle your experience are also located in that same cabinet.

Performing Your Vigil

  • Before entering the room, you will need to introduce yourself as the NODA volunteer to the CCSR as well as the patient's nurse. They may have important information for you regarding the patient.
  • Please use your smartphone to access appropriate music to play softy, if you desire. You can also use the television in the patient’s room to play music if desired.

After a Completed Vigil

  • Return materials to the conference room and write an entry in the journal. You need not identify yourself by name, but do write the date and time.
  • If you need to see a chaplain to help you debrief, please contact The Department of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy: (410)-955-5842.

Thank you for all that you do.