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How to Apply to Johns Hopkins CPE Program

In order to apply to any of our CPE programs, you must complete two items:

  1. A completed application, which includes each essay question, and previous supervisors' and the student's final evaluations, if applicable. The completed application must be submitted before the deadline of the unit of training desired.
  2. Payment in full of the $50 non-refundable application fee, in a check written to "Johns Hopkins CPE".

After you have completed the above items, your application will be reviewed by a certified ACPE educator. Please clearly indicate the type of program for which you are applying. Although not all applicants are interviewed, the ACPE educators will make a decision about which applicants to invite for an interview within two to three weeks of receiving complete applications. The timeliness of your application in conjunction with the start of the CPE unit for which you are applying will determine the length of time before you receive a response.

Download the Johns Hopkins Academic Medicine ACPE, Inc. Application Form.

For Certified Educator applicants please use this application.

For Caring for the Peacemakers applicants please use this application.

For instructions on how to apply to the Anne Arundel Medical Center CPE Program please click here.

You have the option to email your application materials to Vercilla Brown. If you select this form of submission, you must ensure that payment of the $50 application fee (in a check - "Johns Hopkins CPE") follows in a timely fashion. Questions regarding the application process may be directed to 410-550-7569.

Vercilla Brown, Executive Secretary/CPE Registrar

Johns Hopkins Academic Medicine
c/o Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center 5300 Alpha Commons Drive, Suite 234, Baltimore, MD 21224

Application Tips

The Johns Hopkins CPE Programs are very competitive. The following are tips for completing your application:

  1. Each essay question should not exceed 5 pages; however, a paragraph or two per question typically will not be long enough.
  2. Be courageous when considering which information to disclose. Remember, this is not a job you are applying for, but rather an opening in a specialized ministry preparation/development program.
  3. The helping incident you select to write about is often enhanced by writing dialogue in a verbatim form. You will also want to include a personal reflection paragraph or two at the end.
  4. Clear and concrete goals for ministry development are preferable to vague, abstract philosophies.

The CPE Interview

If you are invited for an interview at Johns Hopkins, please verify the time and place with the CPE registrar at 410-550-7569, one week in advance. You are encouraged to be 5-10 minutes early for your interview.  Directions and parking information will be included with the interview confirmation email. We are typically able to reimburse your parking. We are unable to offer travel or lodging reimbursement associated with your interview.

During the interview, you will be asked questions based upon your application. Interviewers will be the CPE faculty, staff chaplains, and other members of the professional advisory group associated with the CPE programs at both Johns Hopkins locations.  Interviews typically last no longer than one hour.

Multiple factors go into the decision to accept or decline applicants. The Johns Hopkins CPE programs do not discriminate against any person on any grounds, and make every attempt to be inclusive and seek diversity in each training group. Depending upon the timeline for applicants and the beginning dates for a particular unit of training, it may be several weeks (or less) before all decisions about the upcoming training groups are made.