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Critical Care Transport

The Johns Hopkins LIFELINE Critical Care Transport Program is the oldest and most experienced specialty emergency transport system of its kind in the state of Maryland. This hospital-based program was primarily designed to provide Advanced Life Support and Critical Care services for patients referred by physicians to the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions from throughout region and around the country. Since its inception in 1992, emergency medicine physicians have been centrally involved in the development, administration and management of this highly complex and successful program.

Today, the medical direction and oversight for LIFELINE continues to draw from the faculty and fellows of the Division of Special Operations. DSO physicians provide 24/7 medical control and consultation for LIFELINE providers in transport through HOPCOMM, the comprehensive emergency communications center for the system. LIFELINE remains dedicated to the delivery of the highest level of safe, cost-effective and efficient patient transport into the Johns Hopkins Health System with a commitment to professional excellence.

Read a detailed description of the comprehensive transport services provided by LIFELINE.