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Wilderness Medicine Course Objectives

Students during Wilderness Medicine Course


  • Assess and respond to medical situations in a variety of settings
  • Implement the ABCs of resuscitation
  • Understand the epidemiology and pathophysiology of common illnesses and injuries occurring in austere environment
  • Manage common illnesses and injuries in an austere environment with limited resources
  • Identify and plan for special hazards in a variety of austere environments
  • Demonstrate basic competence in exotic travel and wilderness survival skills
  • Provide medical assistance in backcountry or other remote settings
  • Understand the physician's role in austere environments

These objectives will be achieved through:

  • Didactic lectures
  • Simulation resuscitation training
  • Field training and scenarios
  • Student Presentations
  • Real-world presentations and discussions    

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“An excellent course for any medical person in training who wants to increase his/her resourcefulness and understand the nuts and bolts of medicine!  The course teaches very practical and useful information.”
- MSII 2007