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Wilderness Medicine Course FAQs

What should I bring?

Please see our list of supplies here >

Am I eligible to take the course?

Enrollment is limited to medical students at Johns Hopkins, including MSIII, and MSIV students, seeking elective credit. There are no clinical rotation prerequisites. The course is an excellent introduction to rapid survey and stabilization of acutely ill or injured patients and strengthens students’ understanding of emergency response in any setting. If you have any medical conditions that might limit your ability to complete all physical aspects of the course, please contact the course directors in advance to allow for planning and accommodation.

Do I have to be "outdoorsy" or have prior experience with wilderness activities?

NO! The first week of the course is classroom based with outdoor components but your lodging is at home. The second week of the course is outdoor camping in a local state park where you will be sleeping in tents with access to electricity and indoor bathroom facilities with showers, hot & cold water within walking distance. Some sessions include non-technical short-distance hiking (the longest being 4-5 miles in a day) but no outdoor skills such as rock-climbing are necessary.

I'm a faculty member or resident and would like to participate...what should I do?

Great! Contact any of the course directors at the e-mail addresses listed under Contact Us to discuss about scheduling a lecture, practical session or whatever kind of involvement you had in mind.

I'm a student and want to help set up the course...what should I do?

Great! Students may serve as the course Teaching Assistant (TA) for credit. This opportunity is limited to students who have previously completed the course.  You will help out with scheduling and preparing lectures, planning practical sessions, organizing general course logistics and participating in our wilderness medical scenarios. Contact any of the course directors if you’re interested.


Students during Wilderness Medicine Course