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Research Travel Funds

AMA Foundation Seed Grant Research Program

The AMA Foundation established the Seed Grant Research Program in 2000 to encourage medical students, physician residents and fellows to enter the research field. The program provides grants to support medical students, physician residents, and fellows in conducting small research projects.

For more information, visit AMA Public Health Initiative & Grants.


AMA Foundation National and Regional Student Research Forums

These forums offer young investigators the opportunity to present their research, receive meaningful feedback, and participate in scholarly discussions with peers and established scientists. To participate, students must submit a research abstract directly to the forum of their choice. For more information, please visit:

Western Student Medical Research Forum

Eastern-Atlantic Student Research Forum

Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum

National Student Research Forum


Dean's Year Funding

The Predoctoral Research Program for Medical Students (Dean’s Year of Research) is specifically intended to serve the needs of those who wish to pursue a more intensive experience in research than the elective schedule presently allows.

Medical students can apply for support up to a 12‑month research experience.  This stipend is the same as the graduate student stipend in that academic year.  The cost of the stipend is shared equally between the Dean’s Office and the department in which the research is being conducted.  The Dean’s Office will support the cost of individual student health and dental insurance.**  An e-mail notification will be sent to all students in March/April establishing the application submission deadline for participation in the program during the next academic year. Program start date can be no earlier than July 1. Program end date can be no later than June 30.


  1. Only matriculated candidates for the M.D. degree in this School of Medicine are eligible.
  2. These stipends are not available to students with Ph.D. degrees or those enrolled in M.D./Ph.D. Programs.
  3. All research projects must be carried out at this Institution with a School of Medicine faculty preceptor.
  4. All recipients of these awards will still pay four years of tuition.
  5. If participation in this program makes it necessary that a student spend five years at this Institution prior to attainment of the M.D. degree, tuition relief will be granted by placing the student in a special student status for the year.  Students are reminded that work accomplished during such a period cannot be credited toward the achievement of an academic degree.


  1. A project proposal including background, research aims, and specific information about your role in the proposed investigation.  Include a start and end date, and information regarding your long-range career plans and how this project fits in with those plans.
  2. A letter of support from the Faculty member who is the proposed research preceptor. This letter must include a statement indicating that the Faculty member is willing and able to provide 50% of the stipend for your year-long participation in the program, including an internal order number to which that amount may be charged.
  3. This information, as well as the student’s performance to date in the School of Medicine, will be considered in determining the awardees.  If the nature of the competition requires it, a formal interview may become part of the process.


Following completion of an elective year of research, the following must be provided:

  1. A 3-5 page progress report describing the work pursued during that period indicating the impact of the experience on your future plans and goals.
  2. A statement from the preceptor that evaluates the student’s performance, the results of the effort, and the student’s potential as an investigator.
  3. Copies of any abstracts or publications based on their work.

**There are limitations on the support available for the cost of health insurance premiums for those students not participating in the UHS health plan. You may discuss your individual situation with the Office of Student Affairs at 410-955-3416 or send an email to

If you are interested in learning more about the Dean's Year Funding, please make an appointment with Dr. Koenig at 410-955-3416 or


Dean's Summer Research Fund

Each year the Dean’s Office has funds available through University sources and Federal Work Study Programs to support medical students during the summer between the first and second years of the medical school curriculum. To be eligible for the funds, the student must work under the direct supervision of a Hopkins faculty member, either on the medical campus here, or abroad.  The stipend is $2,400 and is disbursed on JHU pay dates in accordance with the amount of time worked in that pay period. These funds cannot be used to support research undertaken later during the medical school years.  For more information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 410-955-3416 or send an email to


Alpha Omega Alpha

Each year, Alpha Omega Alpha, the medical school honor society provides fellowships for students conducting research during their medical school years, and awards for essays and student-led service projects. Click on the links below for information about Alpha Omega Alpha programs.

Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Awards

Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowships

Medical Student Service Leadership Project Award


Travel Funds

The following funding opportunities are available to students:

  1. The Andrew Watson Sellards Fund allows a modest amount of money for "the purpose of providing traveling scholarships or fellowships" for medical students for travel to "Latin America or, perhaps, at times, to the Orient, especially the Philippines. Occasionally, a reconnaissance expedition may be made to the Southern United States, particularly Florida, New Orleans, Texas or California." This wording is a direct quote from the bequest. Travel is limited to the areas indicated and there must be a constructive project in medicine as the primary reason for travel. This support is limited to $750.
  2. Student Research Travel funds are available to support registration and travel for students who are presenting their research at meetings. Students may receive up to $350 and these funds are expected to be matched or exceeded by the department where the research was conducted.

If you have an interest in using one of these funds for travel, please e-mail Dr. Koenig with the details of your travel or stop by the Office of Student Affairs during his walk-in hours (Wednesdays, 1:00PM - 3:00PM). Please note, the Sellards Fund can only be used once during your medical school training. The Student Research Travel support, subject to availability of funds, may be used only once per academic year. Students must provide original receipts that will be reimbursed up to the amount allotted.