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Medical Student Employment Policy

Medical Student Employment Policy of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

            In recognition of the primacy of the educational goals for students enrolled the full-time M.D. curriculum in the School of Medicine, the following policy was established to provide guidance to students, faculty, and administrators:

1.         Students enrolled in the full-time M.D. curriculum may be employed by individuals, divisions, departments, or other entities within the University with limitations described below.

2.         Students must be in good academic standing in order to be eligible for employment by the University.  Documentation of this standing will be coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs.  If there is evidence that the student’s academic performance is placing the student at-risk for failing, in addition to the usual supports offered in these situations, the student’s employment status will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the student.  This could result in termination of University employment.

3.         Students must submit a form (available here) to the Office of Student Affairs describing the proposed employment.  This form also requires information from the proposed supervisor of the employment and an acknowledgement on their part of awareness of this policy.

4.         Students enrolled in a full-time research elective are exempt from this rule as they have no other curricular responsibilities at that time.  However, only six weeks of paid elective credit can count toward the cumulative elective credit required for graduation. 

5.         Violations of this policy will be reported to the Office of Student Affairs and could result in disciplinary action or referral to the appropriate Promotions Committee for review.