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The Graduate Student Association

Students whitewater rafting

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine acts as a liaison between the graduate student body and all other elements of The Johns Hopkins University. Accordingly, the GSA represents the opinions and ideals of the graduate student body to the faculty and administration, and it reciprocally communicates the ideals and standards of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to the graduate student body. 

The GSA consists of students at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine currently seeking Ph.D., M.A. or M.S. degrees.

The GSA also organizes student activities, such as whitewater rafting, as well as helpful information about public transit and parking on campus. Additionally, the GSA offer 16 travel awards per year for students to attend scientific meetings and conferences. 

2018/2019 GSA Council Members

  • President:  Kyle Cavagnini
  • President Elect:  Kaitlin Wood
  • VP Diversity and Inclusion:  Marah Wahbeh
  • VP of Events:  JP Llongueras
  • VP Finance:  Vincent Guo
  • VP General Affairs:  Peter Chianchiano
  • VP Public Relations:  Carli Jones
  • VP Policy and Programming:  Miriam Akeju
  • For more information or to learn how to join the GSA please visit our student driven website: