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Requirements for Mentors for Minors

On June 27, 2012, Johns Hopkins University introduced its Policy on the Safety of Children in University Programs. The policy was revised on September 12, 2017. The Office of Student Pipeline Programs at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine implements the procedures for meeting the requirements and recommendations in the Policy. Click here to view the checklist: Mentor Checklist.

Step 1: Registration: Each mentor/supervisor, as well as any adult who is 18 years and older who may be interacting with a minor in your program, must register through this website by completing this form. We encourage the program administrator to input the information rather than the individual mentors.

Step 2: Training: All adults (18 years and older), including mentors, who work with youth/children in any capacity and for any length of time must complete online training. Parents/Guardians do NOT have to compete this training when working with their own children. Email the certificate of completion to Please note that this training must be completed annually. To take the training:

  • JHU and JHH employees and students can log into the training with their JHEDs through this link. Or they can access myLearning through, navigate to education, then to myLearning, and then search for the course titled Training on the Safety of Children in University Programs. The training is hosted by myLearning and requires that pop-up blockers are disabled.
  • Non-JHU or Non-JHH affiliates can access the training through this website and follow these instructions: (a) For "location/division" insert: SOM Youth Programs and (b) for "ID" insert your program/group name (e.g., MERIT, SARE, SIP, DAASI).

Step 3: Criminal Background Check: All adults (18 years and older), including mentors, must have a criminal background check completed prior to interacting with any youth/children (defined as younger than 18 years old). The background check must be administered through JHUSOM.

  • JHUSOM students, staff, and faculty who have undergone a criminal background check in the last five years, the results of which indicated no adverse records, may provide proof of the background check in lieu of undergoing a new check. The results should be sent to
  • Non-Hopkins affiliated adults must complete a background check through JHUSOM or provide proof there were no adverse records found during a background check administered through JHUSOM within the last year. 

All adults (18 years and older), including mentors, cannot request their own background checks through JHUSOM. The Office of Student Pipeline Programs will submit the request for a background check on your behalf. For this to happen:

  • Register as a mentor by completing this form.
  • The Office of Student Pipeline Programs will submit the needed information to Universal Background Screening.
  • Universal Background Screening will then email a link to you. Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the requested forms.

Step 4: Child Safety Responsibilities of Mentor/Supervisor: Please sign the Adult/Mentor Code of Conduct and email to


If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Office of Student Pipeline Programs at

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