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Wolfe Street Academy Tutoring

The Wolfe Street Academy Tutoring Program pairs medical and graduate students with 1st-4th graders at Wolfe Street Academy, a public charter school located walking distance from the Johns Hopkins medical school campus. Each tutor works with a WSA student for one hour per week on the afternoon of their choice, for a semester or longer. Our tutors help students develop strong basic math and reading skills using individualized lesson plans and worksheets developed by their teachers. The WSA tutoring program also partners with the JHUSOM Child Psychiatry interest group to sponsor annual workshop discussions on ADHD and special education that are open to the entire Hopkins community. Over past several years, WSA students enrolled in the tutoring program have been able to keep up with or exceed their peers in academic growth, as measured by their annual test scores.

No Youth/Children registered and below is the list of Adults/Mentors registered (as of 10/22/12):
Megan    Hosein
Kathleen    Jee
Liwei    Jiang
Danielle    Jones
Kristopher    Kast
Emma    McDonnell
Harita    Shah
Aditi    Vasan
Heather    Walls
Claire    Zachik