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According to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, since 1997 the African American teen birth rate of Baltimore City has consistently been approximately twice that of Maryland on average. Yet despite the high teen pregnancy rate, the Baltimore City Public School System has no funding for sexual education before high school. Community Adolescent Sexuality Education (CASE) is a program developed by the Hopkins chapter of the Student National Medical Association to address this disparity, as part of our mission to advocate for social justice and eliminate health care disparities.

Community Adolescent Sex Education (CASE) The Sexual Health Awareness program is designed to educate teenagers in Middle School about their bodies and about the positive use and expression of sexuality. It is intended to increase self-esteem, improve relationships, and decrease the incidence of teen pregnancy and the spreat of STDs. This program, coordinated by SNMA, includes non-SNMA members from all classes at the school of Medicine. Leaders of the CASE program coordinate activities with the administration of Middle Schools and recruit SOM students to serve as instructor/mentors for the program.

This project works specifically with Commodore John Rogers middle school, the Friendship Academy of Science and Technology, and works in partnership with SquashWise, an afterschool mentorship program--uniting students from the schools of public health, nursing, and medicine in a way that effectively serves the community.

No Youth/Children registered and below is the list of Adults/Mentors registered (as of 10/22/12):
 Amana    Berman
Johannah Butler
Joanna    Campodonico
Molly    Carnahan
Jessica    Gergen
Nina    Harkavy
Kelly    Harris
Mark    Helmers
Laiah    Idelson
Amenze    Iyoha
Jaleesa    Jackson
Jennifer    Kirschner
David    Li
Dylan    McLaughlin
Carolyn    Mulvey
Kimberly    Ocheltree
Adi    Rattner
Meredith    Reilly
Sarah    Robbins
Sarah    Roush
Ryan    Shields
Marissa    Silverman
Sara    Smith
Ruchi    Srivastava
Elizabeth    Thomas
Leah    Wohlgemuth
Leah    Wohlgemuth
Jesse    Yang
Angela    Zeng