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Summer Academic Research Experience (SARE)

The goal of this program is to provide students with a summer experience that will be challenging, enriching, and personally rewarding. Students will be paired up with a biomedical research lab where they will meet and interact with doctoral and postdoctoral students on a daily basis. Students will learn some basic laboratory skills and will learn how to think analytically and creatively. Students will also participate in lab meetings and journal clubs. Finally, students will receive additional scholastic support to allow them to work on and shore up some basic academic skills, putting themselves in better position for the following school year.

Students will commit to and work towards making daily progress - personally, professionally and academically. In exchange, students will be welcomed into the research environment at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will receive personalized training in a variety of laboratory skills, will receive scholastic fortification, and will be compensated with a stipend.

No Youth/Children registered and below is the list of Adults/Mentors registered (as of 10/22/12):
Cathryn    Kabacoff
Douglas    Robinson