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MERIT aims to inspire students from low-income communities to pursue careers in medicine by preparing them for the rigorous challenges that lie ahead. MERIT Scholars will learn the importance of organization, cooperation, and reflection while cultivating a deep understanding of their individual roles in solving America’s health disparities through a holistic approach including a Saturday curriculum focused on SAT Prep and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, longitudinal mentoring by undergraduate and medical students, paid summer internships focused on clinical and research experiences, and college admissions guidance. MERIT Scholars are selected as sophomores through a written application process followed by a four-week tryout (the Medical Leadership Course) which assesses applicants on our five core values: passion for medicine, tenacity, community, ownership of future outcomes, and professionalism. MERIT Scholars will leave the program with an intense passion for pursuing medicine, a clear vision of how to achieve that goal, a toolkit of knowledge and skills necessary for success in future academic endeavors, and a close-knit community of peers and mentors who will continue to work collaboratively toward their collective goal of becoming physicians. For more information, visit our website at

13 Youth/Children registered and below is the list of Adults/Mentors registered (as of 10/22/12):
  James    Allison
Christopher    Bailey
Anna    Belous
Jenni    Bennett
Allison    Brandt
 Amanda    Briody
 Kate    Buretta
Joyce    Chiri
Elizabeth    Chmielewski
 Laura    Covarrubias
Emily    Donaldson
Mason    Dunham
Onyinyechi    Eke
Olaoluwa    Fajobi
 Ibinabo    Feddy-Inimgba
Laurette    Femnou
Phillip    Fitzgerald
Shyam    Gadwal
Meredith    Goodloe
Matthew    Huddle
Omoye (Oye) Imoisili
 Nikhil    Jiwrajka
Danielle    Jones
Kaley    Kinnamon
Kimberley    Lee
Joohyung (Eric)    Lee
Paz    Luncsford
Tyler    Mains
Andrew    Matschiner
Priya    Matthews
Dannielle    McBride
Arielle    Medford
Nicky    Mehtani
Natalie    Mejia
Allie    Miller
Jimmy    Morrissey
 Michael    Moubarek
 Kalyani    Nambiar
Ji    Qi
Meghan    Riordan
Mark    Sabbagh
Aitua    Salami
Eric    Sankey
Timothy    Shea
Jamie    Sterlacci
Megan    Sweet
Jingwen    Tan
Blossom    Tewelde
Wuroh    Timbo
 Harrison    Tsai
Christopher    Vazquez
Anthony    Venida
Maria    Vitery
Robert    Wardlow
Mark    Wilcox
J. Corey    Williams
Erin    Zingarelli