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Health Leads
Health Leads is a national non-profit organization with 21 sites across 6 cities that connects patients with health-related resources, including health insurance, primary healthcare, food, and utility assistance. Working in partnership, the three Johns Hopkins University graduate health professional schools of medicine, nursing, and public health have uniquely applied the Health Leads model to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Emergency Department.

Program objectives are to:
1. Connect emergency department patients and their families with urgently needed resources that are barriers to health.
2. Mobilize the tremendous talent and energy of graduate health professional students while building collaborative inter-professional relationships that serve as the basis for their future working relations.
3. Provide volunteers with knowledge about resources that will benefit their future patients and make them more effective health professionals.

Health Leads
No Youth/Children registered and below is the list of Adults/Mentors registered (as of 10/22/12):
Nancy    Abu-Bonsrah
Ayoka    Adams
Amanda    Amador
Alexandria    Appah
Allison    Brandt
Frederik    Calitz
Dilys    Fan
Genevieve     Kaunitz
Elda    Lazaro
Michelle Liu
Kathryn (Kate)    Miele
Laura    Minang
Megan    Orlando
Julia    Riddle
Alexandra    Scanameo
Julia    Segal
Jessica    Selter
Rosemary    Vu
Serena    Yin
Mao    Yamakawa