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Center Scholars Program

The Center Scholars Program, developed by CTY and Dr. Andrew Feinberg's Center for Excellence in Genome Science (CEGS), is designed to encourage CTY qualified, historically under-represented minority students to explore careers in scientific research, particularly the field of genomics. This program is comprised of three parts and takes place over three consecutive summers:

Summer 1: CTY Summer Programs three week Genetics course
Summer 2: CTY Summer Programs three week Genomics course
Summer 3: Six Week research internship at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute

During the internship, students are placed in a laboratory at the School of Medicine and engage in a research project chosen by the laboratory.

No Youth/Children registered and below is the list of Adults/Mentors registered (as of 10/22/12):
Andy Feinberg
Belinda    Ikpoh
Vicky Schneider