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APAMSA Bamboo Sprouts

Bamboo Sprouts is a novel program aimed at providing cultural engagement, health education, and mentorship to trans-racial adopted children from Asian countries living in the greater Baltimore area. The fundamental goal of the program is to allow Asian adoptees to gain an appreciation of their own unique hybridity through an understanding of their Eastern heritage in a Western environment, while exposing them to innovative ways for healthy living that stem from Asian culture. Participants will also be able to meet and share experiences with older Asian American mentors and explore psychosocial topics that will help them grow and learn in their unique environments.

29 Youth/Children registered and below is the list of Adults/Mentors registered (as of 10/22/12):
Janet    Choi
Kathleen    Jee
Ran    Li
Andrew    Mo
Euphemia    Mu
Sidharth    Puri
Sid    Puri
Claire    Sampankanpanich
Yu Tang (Tracy)    Wang
Jonathan    Yeh
Wendy    Ying
Andrea    Yonge
Mingjuan    Zhang