Your Rights to Continue Health Plans (COBRA)

This is to notify you and any affected family members of your rights to continue group health insurance plans when you and your coverage family members lose coverage at the end of your appointment in the School of Medicine, graduation, or completion of degree requirements. COBRA is also available to your family members who lose coverage under your health insurance plans due to a change in marital status, children who meet the age limitations of the plans, or a spouse/partner who loses coverage on the dental plan due to your change of status from House Staff to Postdoctoral Fellow.

University Health Services (UHS) and University Mental Health Services (UMHS) are not insurance plans and access to these services are not available under COBRA.

The maximum period for continuation coverage is 18 months if the COBRA Qualifying Event is for you and your family members. If you are approved for Social Security disability benefits, you can continue coverage for a maximum period of 29 months at an increased cost. If the COBRA Qualifying Event is only for one or you covered family members, the maximum period they can continue coverage is 36 months.

If you elect to continue coverage in one or more of the School of Medicine health plans, you will be responsible for paying the premiums due for continuation coverage. The cost for 18 or 36 month events is 102% of the group rate. For a 29 month qualified event, the first 18 months are at 102% and the following 11 months are at 150%.

Monthly Costs to Continue Coverage Effective July 1, 2022

Student Health Program (SHP) Medical Insurance

  • Individual $388
  • Two Party $960
  • Family $1,280

Dental Insurance

  • Individual $12.25 (if your child under age 19 is on the medical plan, the child will be covered on the dental plan at no additional cost)
  • Family (House Staff only) $30.50

Vision Insurance

  • House Staff, Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD students and their family $2.25
  • Medical and Masters Students and their family $5.00

If you want to continue coverage of health insurance plans due to a COBRA qualified event, please email the School of Medicine Office of the Registrar benefits desk at [email protected]. Continuation elections must be made no later than 60 days following the date the coverage as a learner in the School of Medicine ends. Instructions for submitting elections is included on the election form.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or to obtain forms.

For more information, you can look online at the Department Of Labor.