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Postdoctoral Excellence in Mentoring Award

Nominations for the 2020 Award Are Being Accepted Now!

About the Award

This new award will recognize two postdoctoral fellows from the School of Medicine who have demonstrated exceptional mentorship. Mentees may include, but are not limited to, graduate students, undergraduates, other postdocs, and research staff. Mentees, PIs, and peers are encouraged to nominate a postdoctoral fellow that provides exceptional mentoring. Self-nominations are encouraged. Awardees will each receive a $1000 prize. A selection committee will announce the winners in March 2020. The awards will be presented by the Vice Dean for Education at the 7th Annual Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Conference in April 2020. This is a great opportunity to recognize the important mentoring contributions of our postdoctoral fellows.

Timeline for Submission & Nomination

  • Deadline for submission of nomination package: January 15, 2020
  • Awardees announced: March 2020
  • Award presentations: April 2020

Application Materials for Download


Must be a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Medicine at time of nomination. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Instructions for Nominees & Nominators

  1. Complete the nomination form. Anyone affiliated with Johns Hopkins University may nominate a postdoctoral fellow (undergraduate and graduate students, PI, research staff, administrative staff, etc.). Self-nominations are encouraged.
  2. Submit a maximum of 3 letters of recommendation. Letters should detail mentoring efforts during the nominee’s postdoctoral fellowship only. Do not include mentorship that occurred prior to the postdoctoral fellowship.
  3. At least one letter must be from mentees at Johns Hopkins. Multiple mentees may sign a single letter.
  4. One letter may be from the nominee’s PI at Johns Hopkins but is not required for award consideration. However, the nominee must confirm that their PI/program director has endorsed their nomination for this award by checking the appropriate box on the nomination form.
  5. Letters must be no longer than two pages each (1” margins, 12 point font).
  6. Nominee must submit their CV.
  7. All materials must be emailed to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at by January 15, 2020.

Note: Application materials received after the deadline will not be considered.

Nominees will be scored based on

  1. Breadth (number of mentees, trainee level) and depth (duration and involvement of mentoring)
  2. Range of mentoring activities (e.g., professional development, writing, work/life balance, etc.)
  3. The impact of their mentoring efforts (e.g., successful outcomes of mentees)
  4. Characteristics that make the nominee an excellent mentor
  5. Evidence of promoting an inclusive and diverse mentoring environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this award?

Current postdoctoral research fellows in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Can I nominate myself for this award?


Who can nominate me for this award?

Anyone affiliated with Johns Hopkins University can nominate a postdoctoral fellow for this award. In addition to self-nominations, a postdoc can be nominated by their PI, technicians, laboratory staff, undergraduates, graduate students, administrative staff, or other postdoctoral fellows.

When are the nomination materials due?

January 15, 2020

Where do I submit the nomination materials?

Email all materials to

Do I need to submit all materials at the same time?

No, you may send parts of the application separately, but they must all be received by the deadline for award consideration.

How many recommendation letters can be submitted?


Who can write a recommendation letter?

One letter must be from mentees during your postdoc at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Other letters may be submitted by PIs or mentees from a postdoctoral fellowship at another university.

Do I have to inform my PI or program director that I’m being nominated for this award?

Yes. While we do not require a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor, they must be aware of and support your consideration for this award. You signify that they endorse your nomination by checking the appropriate box on the nomination form.

Can a mentee that I mentored during graduate school write a letter of recommendation on my behalf?


Can a letter be signed by more than one mentee?


When will the award be announced?

March 2020

When will the award be presented?

The 7th Annual Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Conference in April 2020

What is the prize for the award?


How many awards will be given out?