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M.A. Art Student

2022-2023 Cost of Attendance

Note: Final costs are subject to change based on student enrollment.

Direct CostsYear 1Year 2
Health Insurance Premium$4,536$3,402
University Health Service Fee$850$850
Dental Insurance$147$147
Matriculation Fee$740N/A
Total Direct Costs$65,973$64,099
Indirect Costs                        Year 1Year 2
Books & Supplies$1,000$1,000
Room & Board$22,500$16,875
Travel Expenses$5,472$4,104
Total Indirect Costs$32,044$24,283
                                                Year 1Year 2
Total Cost of Attendance     $98,017$88,382

Loan Fees

Loan fees for the Federal Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS loans will be added to student's budgets when the award is accepted.

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