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Award Notice Process Medical Students

2009 - 2010 Award Notice Process -�Medical Students

Academic Calendar- Class Start Dates:
The official start date of classes is based on the�academic calendar published by the Registrar's Office.�The start and end dates of your program determines�the effective date of your�financial aid disbursements for the fall and spring semesters. You may�view the�academic calendar for your program and the established financial aid disbursement schedule for the current academic year.��

Award Notification:
New students notified beginning in�April

Continuing students notified beginning June 1

All continuing students are notified by e-mail using their assigned JHED e-mail address.� New students are notified using the e-mail address submitted at time of admission.� All students are directed to accept and decline their awards through the� Financial Aid Self-Service module.� New students will be notified of the process once admitted.� Continuing students will be notified of the process at time of awarding.

Students who have completed both the FAFSA and CSS Profile�applications will be considered for both scholarship and loan as part of their award package.� Students who have completed the FAFSA application, but not the�CSS Profile�application at time of awarding, will be offered "loan only" in their award package.
Sibling(s) / Spouse Enrollment Verification:
Students that indicated they have a sibling(s) or spouse enrolled in college full time�will be required to submit�Enrollment Verification�from�the National Student Clearinghouse,, to the Financial Aid Office.� Verification of enrollment affects the SOM scholarship.

Failure to provide verification by�October�30 will require the Financial Aid Office to revise or cancel the scholarship award for the academic year.� The Financial Aid Office will notify the student before the adjustment is made.

Because the family member must be matriculating at the time of the enrollment verification, the verification forms should not be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before September 1.

Unit Loan:
All students will be awarded a "minimum" loan package consisting of� the Federal Direct�Unsubsidized Loan and/or JHU Institutional loan.��The "Unit Loan" will range from $20,000-$25,500. Students are eligible to borrow additional loans above the minimum loan amount awarded by completing and submitting to the Financial Aid Office an Additional Loan Request Form.

Note: Students receiving a "Loan Only" award�package will not receive the same combination of loans as listed above.

First Time Federal Loan Borrowers:

First time borrowers of Federal Direct� loans will be required to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)�and the�online Entrance Counseling Session through� Students can complete their MPN NOW.

All first time borrowers of the Federal Direct GradPlus Loan will be required to complete an online�Entrance�Counseling Session..� First time borrowers must complete a GradPlus Master Promissory Note (MPN).� Because a credit check is required before this loan is approved, the Master Promissory Note is not completed until verification of the loan has been guaranteed and approval is received.� Both the student and the Financial Aid Office are notified of the student's status.

No loan funds will be released for any of the above loan funds until all required information and promissory note confirmations have been received.

External Scholarships and External Loans:
Students are required to report anticipated (non-SOM) scholarships and loans to the Financial Aid Office.� These additional scholarships and loans may require an adjustment to the student's financial aid award.� In all cases, if an adjustment has to be made, all loans offered will be canceled before SOM institutional scholarship.