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Anita Gupta: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Kudos Collection

Anita Gupta Receives Patient Advocacy Award

Anita Gupta

The National Academies of Practice's Patient Advocacy Award recognizes yearly a patient or care partner whose lived experience transformed him or her, and who in turn is transforming healthcare to enhance the well-being of others. The award this year (2022) was presented to Anita Gupta, D.O., PharmD, MPP, an assistant professor of anesthesiology. Gupta is an accomplished physician and brings an international voice for stakeholders, including patients, physicians, policymakers and nonprofit organizations. She emphasizes that doctors need to look at situations through the eyes of the patient. Gupta brings to situations her own perspective from her personal patient journey as a rare-disease survivor and uses it as a platform to improve health systems and the patient journey. 

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