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VI. Salary of Faculty Members

A. Common Obligations

Only part of the total salary budget of the School of Medicine derives from tuition and endowment income of the University. By far the greater part must derive from other and less certain sources, such as grants and contracts from local, state, and federal government agencies for projects supervised or carried out by faculty members and from fees collected for faculty services to patients. Such outside sources of funds are usually restricted and short-term in nature; moreover, they often are unpredictable. For these reasons, not all faculty salaries can be guaranteed over long periods of time.

It is a common obligation of all administrative officers and faculty members in the School of Medicine to participate in efforts to generate an appropriate share of income in connection with research grants, contracts, patient care, and other activities for which they have academic responsibility.

Faculty members are expected to demonstrate initiative in making timely applications for research support from public and private sources and to satisfy reporting obligations of sponsoring organizations and agencies in a timely way.

B. Salary Guarantees

The salary level is established yearly by the Department Director with the approval of the Dean. In addition to the availability of funds, some factors considered in the setting of salary include academic rank, years of service, and contribution to the University programs of teaching, research, and patient care. The salary level established for any given year will serve as a salary base for subsequent years of the contract. There is no guarantee of salary by the Johns Hopkins University when payment comes directly from other institutions or agencies (i.e., not via the Johns Hopkins University payroll).

Reductions of salary during subsequent years of the contract may be effected:

  1. As a consequence of financial exigency as defined in Article V-G, "Termination of Contracts."
  2. When in the judgment of the Dean and the Department Director a faculty member's professional activities (clinical, research, teaching or administrative) indicate that such a salary reduction would be appropriate, intention to reduce the faculty member's salary must be provided in written form to the faculty member at least six months prior to the proposed reduction for Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Instructors. Reduction in total salary paid by the University may not be carried out at a rate that exceeds 20% per annum of the total salary (i.e. salary on which university benefits are calculated) during the contract year immediately prior to initiation of the reduction. Eligibility for incentive supplement or bonus is determined in accordance with departmental policy and practice. Such salary reduction shall require the approval of the ABMF and of the Associate Professor Reappointment Review Committee in the case of faculty members with the rank of Professor or Associate Professor or the approval of the ABMF and Assistant Professor Reappointment Review Committee in the case of faculty members of any other rank.

A faculty member may waive the requirements for these approvals.