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IX. Leaves of Absence

A. Academic (Sabbatical) Leaves

Qualified full-time faculty members are encouraged to apply for occasional leaves of absence for scholarly and educational purposes when significant opportunities present themselves and when the leaves can be arranged without extra expense to the School of Medicine and without impairing educational programs. Such leaves are recognized to increase the value of the faculty member to the School and to the University. The time a faculty member spends on sabbatical leave will ordinarily be included in time periods for reappointment review. Academic (sabbatical) leaves are not an automatic, periodic right, but must be applied for through the Department Director and approved by the Dean and ABMF.

Academic (sabbatical) leave with financial support from the University will usually be limited to faculty members who are at the Associate Professor or Professor rank and have at least six years of full-time service at the University. Arrangements to fulfill faculty members' duties while they are on leave must be made with their Department Director and the Dean and will depend in part on the funds available for the program from outside sources. The School of Medicine may support the leave of a faculty member up to the maximum rate of full salary for six months, or half salary for a full year.

B. Nonacademic Leaves

  1. Medical Leaves:  In accordance with the School of Medicine’s Family and Medical Leave Policy for Faculty, faculty are entitled to take up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave in each fiscal year due to their own serious health condition or the serious health condition of a family member or following the birth or adoption of a child.  This leave will run concurrently with paid leave granted by the School of Medicine for a faculty member’s illness.  Faculty members whose own illness prevents them from returning to their faculty responsibilities following Family and Medical Leave may request a leave of absence for up to one year following the date on which Family and Medical Leave began.  The leave will be without salary and must be approved by the Department Director and the Dean.  The faculty member will be responsible for the employee portion of the cost of benefits continued during the leave. Extensions of the leave will be at the discretion of the Department Director and the Dean taking into consideration the requirements of the Department.
  2. Personal Leaves:  A faculty member may request a leave of absence from his or her faculty responsibilities for personal or professional reasons unrelated to his or her School of Medicine appointment.  Such leaves are granted at the complete discretion of the Department Director and on such terms as the Department Director may agree, taking into consideration the Department’s needs during the leave, and are subject to the approval of the Dean.  The leave, if granted, is without salary; may not exceed one year in duration; and is without guarantee that the Full-time faculty position will be available at the expiration of the leave.  The faculty member will be responsible for the full cost of benefits continued during the leave.
  3. Professional Leaves:  On occasion, a faculty member may be appointed to a prestigious position in another institution or organization and both the faculty member and the School of Medicine desire to retain the faculty member’s affiliation with the School of Medicine.  With the concurrence of the Department Director, the Dean may grant a leave of absence without salary for a period of two years; the leave can be renewed.