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Recruiting School of Medicine Faculty

As mentioned at the January 2019 Advisory Board meeting, Johns Hopkins University uses an applicant tracking and management system called Interfolio Faculty Search to conduct faculty searches.

For faculty searches, it can, among other features:

  • Create a link that can be used in position advertisements that will lead potential candidates directly to the Interfolio application system.
  • Manage the receipt of candidate documents and allow search committee members to view those documents.
  • Allow search committee members to evaluate and rate candidates, communicate with candidates and obtain confidential letters of reference.

Most importantly, Interfolio is used by the University for EEO reporting.  Interfolio captures EEO data from applicants when they apply for a position, which allows search committees to evaluate the diversity of candidate pools, candidates selected for interview, and the final candidate selected, all as part of best practices in faculty recruitment. The Provost’s Office can access Interfolio and obtain reports on divisional and University-wide recruitment information.

Interfolio is user-friendly and very intuitive. If you need an account created for users in your department to use Interfolio, contact Misti Pruski.

The Office of Faculty Information also has access to the system and can assist you should you have questions on how to use it.  Additionally, many help documents are available on the Interfolio website, including the following:


Updated 9/2022

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