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Letter for Faculty

In the field of academic medicine, clearly our greatest successes come from researching and providing the best treatment and care to the patients who depend on us. At Hopkins, we excel at this. But it’s only natural that you want something more.

Our faculty at Hopkins is comprised of some of the most ambitious, driven and accomplished academic and medical professionals anywhere. We know that you constantly strive to grow, advance and evolve. And we know that we must provide you with the opportunities to do so. Retaining a diverse, well-rounded and satisfied faculty is crucial to delivering state-of-the-art, compassionate care and an innovative learning environment where students thrive.

Whether by highlighting gender, diversity and equality issues, assisting faculty members in distress, pairing young professionals with mentors or guiding them through the promotional process, we’re always here to assist and support you however we can. In the Office of Faculty Development, our most important job is to serve the best interests of the faculty members who consistently make us great. We hope that you will continue to help us do so by sharing your experiences, wisdom and feedback.

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