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A group of students smile together

A thriving community is one that incorporates into its fabric many different members with varied experiences and points of view. As an institution, with the full support of leadership at all levels, Johns Hopkins demonstrates our commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion by striving to create a culture in which all students, faculty and staff feel respected and valued. We believe that recruiting and retaining a diverse community and creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success both encourages innovation and enhances our ability to fulfill our core mission.

The School of Medicine is uniquely positioned to live these values. The Office for Student Diversity works across the institution at all levels to support both medical and graduate students in reaching their academic and personal goals. Everyone plays a vital role and holds an important stake, whether it is working together to eliminate health disparities or self-educating to become more culturally competent. Baltimore offers ample opportunities to collaborate within and across different communities.

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