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TIME: Global Health

TIME: Global Health
TIME: Global Health
TIME: Global Health
TIME: Global Health

This four-day course follows the Microbiology and Infectious Disease section of Genes to Society and typically falls in February of Year One. Each morning of the course begins with a teleconference with another medical school and includes a joint presentation from faculty at both schools discussing topics such as maternal health, emerging diseases and chronic diseases. Locations of partner schools include India, Ethiopia, Uganda and Malaysia. The latter part of the morning is spent in small-group discussions with faculty to deepen understanding of the global determinants of health.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, the students will:

  • Be able to identify, describe and discuss six major global determinants of health.
  • Be able to identify, describe and discuss the need for an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to global health problems.
  • Be able to recognize, describe and discuss the challenges and opportunities for global health issues to have an impact on clinical practice.
  • Be able to identify, describe and discuss why a global perspective is needed to solve public health problems.
  • Be able to critically examine global health issues as they are encountered in future practice and training.
  • Understand the limits of personal knowledge and experience, and demonstrate the intellectual curiosity to actively pursue the acquisition of new knowledge and skills necessary to refine and improve students’ medical practice or to contribute to the scientific body of medical knowledge.
  • Understand and respond to factors that influence the social, behavioral and economic factors in health, diseases and medical care.

Course Director

Dr. Chida

Natasha Chida, M.D., M.S.P.H. 
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Assistant Director, Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program

Time Commitment and Course Length

The course runs for 16 hours over 4 days.

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