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Helen B. Taussig College

Welcome to the Helen B. Taussig College!

Learn about the faculty leaders in Taussig College by reading their faculty biographies.

About The Namesake

Florence R. SabinHelen B. Taussig was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She received her A.B. in 1921 from the University of California and her M.D. in 1927 from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  She served as an Archibald Fellow in Medicine at Johns Hopkins and worked at the heart station from 1927 until 1928.  From 1928 until 1930, she interned in pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.  In 1930, Edwards Park appointed Taussig physician-in-charge of the Harriet Lane Cardiac Clinic, a position she held until 1963.  She also served on the faculty of the School of Medicine from 1930 until 1963, when she became Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics.  Taussig was a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease.  She helped to develop the surgical procedure known as the “blue baby” operation and discovered the teratological effects of the drug thalidomide when administered to pregnant women.  Taussig received international recognition and honors for her contributions to medicine, including the French Chevalier Legion d’Honneur, the Italian Feltrinelli Prize, the Peruvian Presidential Medal of Honor, and here at home, the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award, and the United States of America Medal of Freedom.