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Charm City Clinic

Closing East Baltimore's Health Care Gap

Charm City Clinic
Volunteers outside of Charm City Clinic

Each Saturday, Hopkins medical and graduate students, residents and physicians join with others from across Baltimore to donate their time to staff the Charm City Clinic, a community-based health care access program. Charm City Clinic, a non-profit organization, was founded and is operated by students from various Baltimore universities in collaboration with community leaders and residents of East Baltimore.

“There is a large gap between the community and the front door of the hospital and we’ve decided to work on the side of the community to help bridge that gap,” says Hopkins medical student Ramy El-Diwany, who is a co-founder of the clinic.

In addition to addressing the immediate medical needs of the community, clinic volunteers look to establish relationships through preventive screenings for hypertension, diabetes, HIV and high cholesterol. The clinic emphasizes follow-up visits and runs a health care referral center to assist individuals in obtaining health insurance and to navigate a complex system of social services, including programs offering access to low-cost prescription medications.

Proceeds from this year's student-run Monte Carlo Night will benefit the Charm City Clinic.